Racing harnesses

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If you are looking for the best Racing Harnesses on the market, you have found it.

Our racing harnesses are the safety belt designed for motorsport and are available in different attachment points to the car seat.

The racing harness is an essential element for safety in the world of car racing. The integrity and even the life of the driver or co-driver may depend on the proper installation of rally harnesses. However, for years now, rally harnesses have been considered mandatory for driving racing cars.

The main function of racing harnesses is to support the driver’s body in the event of an accident. Years ago, competitors were obliged to use 4-point rally belts, but along with technology, safety evolves and with time we arrived at the 6-point harness system, and even 8-point harnesses.

Racing harnesses: experience and safety

At Racing Miller, our products are FIA approved, and we have the experience of working in the field, in the world of rally car racing. We have lived and tested the total efficiency of our own products in full competition.

Therefore, we manufacture with the best material. From the fabric of the straps of our harnesses, to the stainless steel of each buckle, so that it does not give any problem of fastening and unfastening with the central spider.

So, if you need a competition racing harness and you are looking for the security of FIA homologation for several years, you can buy racing harness here. All our products are tested and insured with a 2 year warranty.