Quick System 6 screw holes


Quick System 6 screw holes



Separator, extender, removable steering wheel pinion.

Allows you to easily remove your steering wheel. The extender is fixed on the specific wheel pinion of each vehicle. It adapts to most steering wheels that have a standard 6-hole mounting.

Its specific grooved knurling allows to easily install and remove the steering wheel with full security of fixation.

  • Total length of the removable steering wheel pinion: Diameter: 81.5/84 mm; Height: 67.5 mm.
  • Distance between axle holes: 6x70mm. Thickness: 52mm. Displacement: 55 mm.
  • Material: made of adonized aluminum and best quality steel, strong and durable, scratch and corrosion resistant.

Perfect fit for steering wheel, no wrenches required. Comes with complete fittings, easy and simple to install, no welding required. The removable adapters are universal for most steering wheels, but must be attached to a specific fixed hub for each car model.

Hub Extender Adapter Quick Release Adapter two pieces 6 holes Boss Snap Off adapter compatible with TURN ONE ,Momo, Sparco, Gt2i, OMP, QSD, RacingMILLER. Not compatible with PEUGEOT 208 R2 and CITROEN DS3 R3.



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